Would Have Been, Should Have Been

You would have been, should have been going to school,
I would have been, should have been playing it cool.
Bursting with pride and scared all the same,
Letting go of your hand, teacher calling your name.
I hope up in heaven, it’s still your first day,
With other angel children you smile, dance and play.
Another milestone I know, this one somehow feels tougher,
There’s hope of next year with your rainbow wee brother.
Would-have-beens, should-have-beens is life now it seems,
Might-have-beens pondered only in dreams.
Good luck to the children starting school tomorrow,
Cherish each moment, their joy’s now to follow.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2016.

A little something for all the parents of angel children who would have been starting school this week. Hope you’re coping OK x

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