Overwhelmed, or so I thought, during the Ninja years,
The baby rollercoaster ride of love and tears and fears.

But I must have had my sh*t together, I actually had the time,
To catergorise my photos, album folders line-by-line.

My computer’s super organised, he’s captured month-by-month,
I even did a photobook, of smiles, of hugs, the bunch.

But year 3 grinded to a hault, Honeybadger had arrived,
Two is proper chaos, “I get nothing done” I cried.

The photos aren’t so organised – one folder for the lot,
No photobooks, no details, I’d clearly lost the plot.

Poor neglected Pickle doesn’t even have a folder,
I repeat: “I’ll have the time, the minute she gets older”.

Clay cast hand and footprints also demonstrate this all,
9-week Ninja’s nicely framed, and hung upon his wall.

9 months old and Honeybadger’s were finally put up,
16 months for Pickle and she’s still not had that luck!

She does have hand and footprints, up there for all to see,
But thanks to the creations of her little nursery.

Scientists, tell me, what’s the child ratio for chaos?
It seems the more of them I have, the less I feel the boss.

The rollercoaster’s crazy, bonkers, fun, and off the rails,
Can’t think straight. Can’t sit down. Organised Mummy fails.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2016.


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