Ten Tired Mummies: A Parody

Ten tired mummies, struggling to see,
How to cope till bedtime, with their sanity.

Can they keep their cool and smiles throughout the day?
Ten tired mummies thinking positive, “yaaaaaaaaay!”

Ten tired mummies actually not feeling fine,
Thank goodness, a playgroup, now there are nine.

Nine tired mummies are always running late,
A toddler tantrum kicks off, now there are eight.

Eight tired mummies, looking up to heaven,
Great, bird poo down a top, now there’s only seven.

Seven tired mummies, need a caffeine fix,
“Latte?” asks Barista, now there are six.

Six tired mummies, it’s lunchtime they’ve survived,
Watch out! Projectile vom, now there’s only five.

Five tired mummies, pacing up and down the floor,
“You really think I’m going to nap?”, now there’s only four.

Four tired mummies, passing A&E,
Damn zip wire in the park, now there’s only three.

Three tired mummies, wondering what to do,
Quick, head for soft play, now there’s only two.

Two tired mummies, feeling totally out-done,
One discovers Pinterest so now there’s only one.

One tired mummy with patience wearing thin,
Frazzled, creased and broken, searching for the gin.

Witching hour begins, kids wrestle on the floor,
Mummy friends save the day by bursting through the door.

Drinking booze from sippy cups, in the safety zone,
Keep each other laughing, reassured they’re not alone.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2016.

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