Double Trouble

Double trouble, wail and squabble.
Sibling love? Soon burst that bubble.
Bicker, tussle, wrestle and bite.
A pinch, a scratch, a bump, a fight.

I wonder will this ever end?
Brothers in arms, they’ll be best friends?
Sniggers, giggles, hugs and high fives,
Give me hope we will all survive.

No, a swipe, the glimmer is gone.
Tears and screams and faces forlorn.
Niggle, quibble, grapple and groan.
A punch, a scrap, a growl, a moan.

“You’re winding me up, I hate you”.
“Get out of my space, stinky poo!”
War, destruction, pure cheek and strife.
Double trouble, comrades for life.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2016.

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