Surfing Grief Waves

You’re focussed on horizons,
It’s been years. You’re doing well.
These rip tides are deceptive,
Loss lurks as sounds and smells.

Sometimes grief waves catch you out,
They knock you from behind.
Surprising, unexpected,
Something’s come and hit rewind.

Your surfboard’s poised and ready,
Yet your heart is breaking still.
You’ve tried your best to carry on,
Of tears, you’ve had your fill.

Be kind now and accept these pesky
Grief waves knock you down.
But slowly, surely time helps heal,
You’ll feel more smiles than frowns.

Life can never be the same,
It’s a different kind of you.
But stars shine in the darkness,
And rainbows turn dark skies blue.

Get back up and grab that surfboard,
Face the fear and ride those waves.
You can survive. You will survive.
Stand tall. Stay strong. Be brave.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2017.