Lockdown Life

“Viral outbreak”,
“Lockdown now”,
COVID-19 times are wow.

“Social distance”,
“Elbow cough”,
Loo roll hoarders, that’s enough.

“Website queues”,
“Run out of that”,
Bang the saucepans, carers’ clap.

“Comfort eating”,
“Thanks, Joe Wicks”,
Burpees, planks, YouTube keep fit.

“Furloughed? Working?”
“Hungry” wails,
Home school teaching, epic fail.

“Virtual quiz”,
“Online drinks”,
Recycling bin of bottles’ clinks.

“Stay alert”,
“When will this end?”
Being driven round the bend.

“Playgrounds closed”
“Hair salons shut”.
Sporting make-do home haircuts.

“Constant meetings”,
“Childcare strife”,
Balance lost, of work and life.

“Hug yourself”,
“Wear PPE”,
Frontline workers’ bravery.

“Chats on doorsteps”,
“Blow a kiss”,
Family, friends we really miss.

“Time to reset”,
“Grateful for…”
Future outlook? Less is more.

© Pass Me The Valium, and passmethevalium.com, 2020.

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