We Notice

We notice when you’re feeling,
That all you do is fail.
We notice how we test you,
On days of screams and wails.

We notice when you cook our food,
And get all the chores done.
We notice even when you’re low,
You still make our time fun.

We notice when you’re tired,
How you push on through the day.
We notice how you teach us,
And think up games to play.

We notice how you make a house,
Into our cosy home.
We notice how you make us laugh,
And never feel alone.

We notice how you can become,
Your own worst enemy.
We notice what an awesome mum,
You are so naturally.

We notice how you sacrifice,
To fill our days with love.
We notice how you always go,
Over and above.

We notice how you strive,
To be better every day.
Please notice and please listen,
There’s something we must say.

Next time you find you doubt yourself;
A message from your crew.
Know this; you bring us endless joy,
Just by being you.

To us, you’re simply perfect,
Never putting yourself first.
To us, you are the best mum,
In this whole universe.

This Is Your Mother’s Day Too

Not every Mum is plain to see,
You may exist with arms empty.
Broken heart and a pain so true,
Missing your little pink or blue.

If your child rests up in heaven,
Sometimes special cards aren’t given.
You are a mother nonetheless,
This day is tough; can feel a mess.

Right now, you want to scream or hide,
But please know this — you can survive.
Feel alone with no one knowing?
Thinking of you. Keep on going.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2017.