Wonder Mum

Being a Mum’s a privilege. We’re lucky, this I know.
But life with little people is intense and tough also.
24/7 on demand, and at their beck-and-call.                                               
It’s exhausting, overwhelming, with no let up at all.                                               

You’re a walking mummy zombie. There’s no chance to relax.                               
Reliant on strong coffees, multi-tasking to the max.                                               
Naturally you beat yourself up, feel only that you fail.
You try your best, yet other mums on smugness seas they sail.                             

Their children all slept through the night on exit from the womb.         
Not once confessing to tantrums, TV, or processed foods.                          
But this is just perception. Be kind to yourself, OK?                                    
Don’t forget, you’re flipping awesome, each and every day.                                    

This phase of feeling broken, with someone always needing,                    
Pushed to tears by never-ending changing, rocking, feeding.                      
I promise it gets better, and in the blink of an eye,                                     
“My baby’s growing up too fast” we’ll start to hear you cry.               

No doubt at times I bet you feel a donkey on the edge.
But from the outside, looking in, you are a total lege.
When it’s too much, take some time out, a breather, have a sob.              
Remember you are rocking, hands down, the hardest job.                          

For now, it is alright to leave those dishes and those chores.
Play, be silly, give squeezy hugs — fun matters to kids more.
Take photos, tons of photos, and lots of videos too.                                    
Look back and you’ll see only joy; hard times forgotten, few.                     

We all have plenty of rough days, there is no perfect Mum.                                               
But to your kids, perfection is you. You are their number one.
Shared toilet trips, the meltdowns and the worries you’ll survive. 
Officially a Wonder Mum who deserves a big high five.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2016.

Post-Bump Friends

I’d heard Mummies can get lonely, so it seemed the stuff of fate,
To meet an antenatal group just a few weeks pre-due date.

Our nervous introductions, over bumps and raspberry teas.
Preparing for those Braxton Hicks and episiotomies.

Top perineal massage tips united us in horror.
And Tena trampolining? Post-bump bodies sounded bother.

Little knowledge of life stories before our pregnancy days.
But thrown together, in shock and awe, great friendships soon were made.

Only so many people can bond over the colour of poo,
Engorged boobs, feeding in groups, and how often you need the loo.

Soon we wished we’d all had shares in Infacol, biscuits and wipes.
Never alone, at the end of the phone, morning, noon and night.

A lifeline in the blurry times, guaranteed you’re always there.
We support, laugh and commiserate through WhatsApp tales we share.

Protective, non-competitive. No secret motives or fuss.
Surviving motherhood’s thrills and spills, with humour and a cuss.

Sticking together through thick and thin, one thing I know for sure:
“The best money that I ever spent” and friends for evermore.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2016.