Lockdown Life

“Viral outbreak”,
“Lockdown now”,
COVID-19 times are wow.

“Social distance”,
“Elbow cough”,
Loo roll hoarders, that’s enough.

“Website queues”,
“Run out of that”,
Bang the saucepans, carers’ clap.

“Comfort eating”,
“Thanks, Joe Wicks”,
Burpees, planks, YouTube keep fit.

“Furloughed? Working?”
“Hungry” wails,
Home school teaching, epic fail.

“Virtual quiz”,
“Online drinks”,
Recycling bin of bottles’ clinks.

“Stay alert”,
“When will this end?”
Being driven round the bend.

“Playgrounds closed”
“Hair salons shut”.
Sporting make-do home haircuts.

“Constant meetings”,
“Childcare strife”,
Balance lost, of work and life.

“Hug yourself”,
“Wear PPE”,
Frontline workers’ bravery.

“Chats on doorsteps”,
“Blow a kiss”,
Family, friends we really miss.

“Time to reset”,
“Grateful for…”
Future outlook? Less is more.

© Pass Me The Valium, and passmethevalium.com, 2020.


That’s one night closer to the night that you sleep through.
That’s one less night of sleepy snuggles and love you’s.

That’s one walk closer to the day I’m buggy-free.
That’s one less hands-aloft “Mummy cuddle me”.

That’s one number closer to you counting up to ten.
That’s one less day of us playing ‘let’s pretend’.

That’s one year closer to the time that you’ll start school.
That’s one less year of you seeming oh-so-small.

That’s one mess closer to you staying all-day dry.
That’s one less ringing out “Mum, I need you” cry.

That’s one fight closer till there’s no more “will this end?”
That’s one less row to “my brother’s my best friend”.

That’s one wish closer towards wishing life away.
That’s one less moment until “those were the days”.

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2017.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Dad, you were the very
First man in my life.
I’m certain I’ve caused you 
A fair bit of strife.

Toddler tantrums and strops 
(I now understand!)
Yet my tempers soon quelled
With a hold of your hand. 

Infamous Dad jokes,
Magic and games.
Swingball rally records,
Again and again.

Sports day on the sidelines,
Cheering on, looking proud.
Where your good advice rang
Through my head clear and loud:

“It’s not about winning, 
It’s about taking part.”
“You know you can do it;
No such word as can’t.”

Puberty, hormones, 
And teenage-angst tears.
You judged how to calm me 
And banish my fears.

And then my nights out 
When I didn’t come home.
In the days before texting 
And fancy smartphones.

You trusted the choices 
I made would be good.
Perhaps much more
Than I ever could.

I fell well and true for 
The love of my life. 
And you gave me away 
To become his wife.

A promotion to Grandad!
Gave you more (toddler) grief.
King of bedtime stories;
Witching hour relief.

The most positive man 
That I’ve ever known.
An inspiration for sure,
With a rebellious tone. 

Dad, thanks for the laughter,
The hugs and the fun.
This Father’s Day,
You are my number one x 

© Pass Me The Valium and passmethevalium.com, 2017.