The School Field’s Grass is Greener

“I want to go to school.
Nursery kids are all too young.
I want to learn to read and write.
School will be more fun.”

“I’m really bored at pre-school.
Where all I do is play.
I need answers to my questions.
Wear a uniform each day.”

“Yay, finally it’s here!
The day I go to school.
It feels so good to get in line.
I’m looking smart and cool.”

Three days later…

“Done with school now.
I wish I could just play.
I have to sit still on the mat.
Do I really go each day?”

“I’m going back to nursery.
I know how to read and write.
I’m feeling very tired now.
It’s hard to be polite.”

A first lesson learned it seems.
Work gets harder. Life gets meaner.
And sadly, no you can’t go back.
Grass isn’t always greener.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2017.


That’s one night closer to the night that you sleep through.
That’s one less night of sleepy snuggles and love you’s.

That’s one walk closer to the day I’m buggy-free.
That’s one less hands-aloft “Mummy cuddle me”.

That’s one number closer to you counting up to ten.
That’s one less day of us playing ‘let’s pretend’.

That’s one year closer to the time that you’ll start school.
That’s one less year of you seeming oh-so-small.

That’s one mess closer to you staying all-day dry.
That’s one less ringing out “Mum, I need you” cry.

That’s one fight closer till there’s no more “will this end?”
That’s one less row to “my brother’s my best friend”.

That’s one wish closer towards wishing life away.
That’s one less moment until “those were the days”.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2017.

Would Have Been, Should Have Been

You would have been, should have been going to school,
I would have been, should have been playing it cool.
Bursting with pride and scared all the same,
Letting go of your hand, teacher calling your name.
I hope up in heaven, it’s still your first day,
With other angel children you smile, dance and play.
Another milestone I know, this one somehow feels tougher,
There’s hope of next year with your rainbow wee brother.
Would-have-beens, should-have-beens is life now it seems,
Might-have-beens pondered only in dreams.
Good luck to the children starting school tomorrow,
Cherish each moment, their joy’s now to follow.

© Pass Me The Valium and, 2016.

A little something for all the parents of angel children who would have been starting school this week. Hope you’re coping OK x